Introducing Curbside Pickup

How it works:  Place your order online.  When it's time to pay, choose "Curbside Pickup" from the drop-down shipping menu.  Your order will be pulled from our shelves and will be waiting for you.  When you come to pick up your order, pull down by the loading dock, call us at 512-251-4428 and tell us your're here.  We will load your order.  

Chicks begin to arrive at Gaddy's on February 15th.  Gaddy's has everything you need to set up your backyard to raise a few hens.  There's nothing better that a backyard pet who provides your family with breakfast.  Let us help you get started.  

Coming soon:  Spring bedding plants.  We're planning on going big this year in the bedding plant department.  All the plant tables are under the shade cloth.  We're just waiting for some warmer weather before we stock flowers, herbs, hanging baskets, spring vegetables and some shrubs.  Stop by and we'll help you pick out some plants for your yard or garden.